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Procedure documentationWorking with Optimization Approaches


You can save all of the settings that you make to optimize the test scope as an optimization approach. You can reuse this optimization approach or share it with other users.

When you perform an impact analysis, you can assign an optimization approach. The settings of the optimization approach are copied into the optimization settings of the individual analysis. So changing an optimization approach does not affect existing analyses.

The optimization approach contains the following settings:

  • Options for test plan generation

  • Optimization options

  • Required test coverage

  • Test scope selection using the graphical view

  • Manual inclusion or exclusion of nodes


Creating an Optimization Approach
  1. Perform a change impact analysis.

  2. Change the optimization settings according to your needs.

  3. To save the test scope settings of the analysis, choose Save.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have achieved the desired optimization result.

  5. To save the optimization settings as a reusable optimization approach, choose Save As.

    The New Optimization Approach dialogue is displayed.

  6. Enter a technical name and a short description for the new optimization approach.

  7. Optional: To allow other users to use your optimization approach, select the Global Optimization Approach checkbox.

  8. Optional: To describe the optimization approach in more detail, choose Description.

  9. Save your entries.

    The settings of your change impact analysis are saved in the optimization approach.

Importing an Optimization Approach
  1. To import an optimization approach into a change impact analysis, choose Import Settings.

  2. Select the optimization approach and choose Open.

  3. Save your entries.

    The settings of the optimization approach are applied to your change impact analysis.

  4. To display the description of the optimization approach, choose Description.

Editing, Copying, or Deleting an Optimization Approach

To edit, copy, or delete an optimization approach, choose Import Settings.

Alternatively, to access and edit an optimization approach, in the Change Impact Analysis selection screen, under 6. Specify Optional Parameters, select the optimization approach and choose Edit.