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Clearing Modified SAP Objects

For technical objects in an R/3 system, a change log records the details of the different versions. However, for some objects there may be no change log. In these cases, changes are made directly to the object – new versions are not created.

We do not recommend that you delete SAP objects. The following tools support the clearing of modifications to SAP objects:

  • Version Management

  • SPAU/SPDD Adjustment

  • ABAP Workbench

Clearing Custom Objects

Clearing objects in the customer namespace normally involves physically deleting the objects. It is therefore important to ensure the following before any clearing project:

  1. Adherence to the SAP clearing guidelines.

  2. Working knowledge of the tools that support the clearing process, for example the ABAP Workbench.

  3. Working knowledge of the recovery and archiving tools.