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 Define ID Mapping


This function assigns different IDs from different systems, to each other. IDs are assigned to each other when they represent the same entity in different systems. TheCustomizing ID Mapping Framework sends this information to an integration server, which uses the mapping information to forward messages.


The system displays all integration servers, with their type groups. The Customizing ID Mapping Framework checks the ID types and systems of a selected type group. It checks in particular, whether the systems can be reached by RFC and whether the customizing objects, on which the ID types are based, exist. If errors are found, a log is displayed.

You can:

  • read all IDs in a business system for a customizing ID type

  • read and display ID texts from the systems

  • assign the IDs read to each other by Drag & Drop

  • create value sets for customizing objects from non-ABAP systems, manually

  • search for identical IDs

  • search for the mapping to which an ID is assigned

  • change the processing status of the type groups.

  • personalize the ID mapping display

  • export ID mappings to an integration server

  • switch between displaying the ID mappings which are active in the integration server, and those which have been changed locally in the Solution Manager

  • delete all IDs of an ID type from the ID mappings

  • delete ID mappings for a type group from an integration server.

    Caution Caution

    If the ID mappings have been deleted from the integration server, the ID mapping for the corresponding messages do not work in the integration server until new ID mappings have been exported.

    End of the caution.
  • display the export and deletion logs