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Procedure documentationCentral CTS Configuration Web UI - Filtering


You can use the filter function in the central Change and Transport System Configuration Web UI to reduce the number of elements in your work area or to display only specific systems or clusters that match your filter criteria.


  1. To enable the filter function, choose Filter.

    A filter row appears.

  2. Depending on the elements that are displayed in the column, either enter text or select filter criteria from the dropdown list.

    You can enter any character or character strings. The system will search for any text that contains the character or character string. You can combine different filter criteria in multiple text fields. Icons are filtered using their tooltip text. For icons, you select the filter criterion from a dropdown list.

    If you have selected a filter criterion from a dropdown list, the filtering result is immediately displayed.

  3. If you have entered text, choose Enter to display the filter result.