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Process documentationWorking With the Reference Information Base


The main goal of having a reference information base for the CDMC upgrade/change impact analysis is to provide features that help the users to get an estimation about the workload of harmonization activities even before doing a test upgrade. Customers can use the reference information base to get an idea about the required effort for harmonization, calculate the budget for their upgrade project, and then decide if they want to go for a test upgrade or not.

Using the reference information base, users can identify the details of changed SAP objects even if they do not have an upgraded test system available.


Working with the reference information base typically involves the following steps:

  1. While defining the project landscape for an UCIA project, you can choose if you want to use a reference system or the reference information base.

  2. In the next activity of your UCIA project, you determine the list of referred SAP objects.

  3. You download the list with the referred SAP objects as a Microsoft Excel file and send it to the service provider or partner that creates the reference information base content to get the complete object details of the particular objects.

  4. The service provider or partner then creates the reference information base content consisting of detailed object information about the corresponding SAP objects for the specified target release.

  5. The service provider or partner creates a transport with the reference information base content and sends it back to you.

  6. You import the transport into the control system.

  7. You run the activity Find Changed SAP Objects. In this activity, the system checks if the reference information base content for the specified reference information base name is available in the control system.

  8. You run the remote comparison. When you do so, the system fetches object details for each of the SAP objects from the analysis system and from the reference information base into the control system and does the comparison.