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Procedure documentationPlanning an IT Event


This procedure records the IT events that belong to categories such as business, development, and maintenance, for a technical component.


You have the required authorization.


  1. In the IT Calendar, choose Month, Week or Day calendar view to select the days or time duration.

  2. In the context menu, choose Schedule IT Event.

  3. In the Schedule IT Event screen area, enter the required data.

  4. If you are planning a recurring event, select the Is Recurrent checkbox, and set the occurrence of the event, as follows.

    • To plan a weekly recurring event, in the Weekly recurrence pattern, define whether the recurring event occurs every week or only during specific weeks of a month.

    • If you are planning a weekly recurring event that occurs at the same time on each weekday, choose Single Pattern.

    • If you are planning a weekly recurring event that occurs at different times on each weekday, choose Multiple Pattern.

    • To include multiple weekly patterns, choose Add, and enter the required data.

    Note Note

    For a weekly recurring event with multiple recurrence patterns, you can define a maximum of seven different time patterns.

    End of the note.
    • To plan a monthly recurring event, set the Recurrence Pattern to Monthly.

    • Select the days of the month during which the recurring event occurs.

  5. To assign the current event, or recurring event, to multiple technical systems, choose Add in theTechnical Systems tab page.

  6. A list of technical systems appears. Select the technical systems, and choose OK.

  7. On the Description tab page, describe the purpose and the effect of the event (optional).

  8. Save your entries.