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Procedure documentationTasks for Configuring Central CTS


To be able to use central CTS you need to create system clusters and assign the systems in your transport landscape to these clusters. To be able to work with the clusters, you have to make additional settings. This includes setting TMS parameters to classify systems as managed systems, configuring RFC destinations for communication between the CTS server and the managed system, and distributing CTS plug-ins which contain the CTS functions required on the managed systems. The system tells you which tasks you must perform when you validate a system in the Central CTS Configuration Web UI.

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You do not have to perform the tasks in a specific sequence. However, some tasks depend on each other. For example, the import destination is required to distribute CTS plug-ins.

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In addition, you must ensure that the transports created in the systems that belong to system clusters reach the correct systems. Therefore, you need to connect the system clusters as well as define import targets for the systems that belong to the clusters. You do this in the classic Transport Management System. The Central CTS Configuration Web UI cannot validate whether you have performed these tasks.