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Procedure documentationDisplaying TBOM Contents



  1. Open the attributes of the executable entity whose TBOM you wish to display.

  2. Choose the TBOM tab.

  3. Choose Display Contents.

    You can also choose Display Contents in the Enhancements dialog, to display the contents of TBOM enhancements.

    The objects in the TBOM are displayed in a separate window. Statistical information, and a detailed list of all objects, are displayed.

  4. Choose the relevant content type.

    If the TBOM contains both static and dynamic enhancements, you can use the radio buttons in the header to specify which type of enhancement you want to display.

    The graphical overview shows the statistical distribution of the objects over the TBOM classification types and software components.

    The tabular overview shows the absolute and percentage distribution of all objects in the TBOM over the classification types.

  5. Expand the data in the tabular overview.

    The absolute and percentage distribution of objects is displayed for the following levels of detail:

    • Logical component (several logical components are displayed for cross-system TBOMs)

    • Software component

    • Package (development class)

    The percentage is the proportion of the entire contents. The number of objects with classification type Table Contents is derived from the number of table keys recorded in the TBOM. If table keys were not recorded for a table, the table is counted as one object.

  6. Click on a cell in the tabular overview.

    The list of objects affected is displayed in a detail report.

    If the displayed objects are tables, the Key Exists column indicates whether table keys were recorded for the table entry.

  7. To display specific table keys, select the row or rows for objects with table keys and choose Display Table Keys.

    A separate report below the detail report lists the table keys for the selected objects.

  8. Choose Show Details to display the individual values for a key in a separate dialog box.