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 System Landscape Tab


You define the system landscape for your project in this tab.


The following functions are available, depending on the system landscape you define:

Phase-specific assignment of system roles

You can select the logical system in each phase from the System Role .

You can navigate from the Business Blueprint, Configuration, or Testing in SAP Solution Manager to the other logical systems, such as demo or development systems, to examine their business content (transactions, BC Sets, CATTs, programs, and so on).

Based on the system role, you can assign and activate phase-specific business functions in your business scenarios within the managed systems. For more information, see Consistent Project Scope of Business Functions .

Choose Trusted System RFC connection type to make logging onto the managed systems easier. Logging onto the managed system is then automatic.

Prerequisites for this Trusted System connection:

The same user is used in the SAP Solution Manager system and the target managed system

The user has authorization for the authorization object S_RFCACL

For more information, see Manage RFC Connections for ABAP Technical Systems .

Generate IMG projects in the managed systems and distribute the central project data

Comparison and distribution of customizing in the local systems

You are in the customizing client of your ERP system and want to configure a business process. You have to synchronize the customizing settings with those of another SAP component. You can compare the customizing settings using the Customizing Scout in SAP Solution Manager. You can also automatically adjust these customizing settings with the Customizing Distribution tool. The system landscape defined in project administration provides information to the Customizing Scout about the logical systems in which the customizing settings are to be compared.

For more information, see Customizing Scout and Customizing Distribution .

Generate a business process graphic

You can generate graphics at scenario and process level that show the logical components in which the processes of a scenario or the process steps of a process run.


Define the system landscape for your project.

Check your system landscape if necessary.

You can create transport requests in the managed systems for a template project.