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Function documentationTable of Analyses of an Analysis Project


The table of analyses for an analysis project is part of the overview of analysis projects in the Solution Documentation Assistant. The table contains all the analyses for a specified analysis project. You can use the table to do the following, for example:

  • Search for an analysis project after a certain analysis

  • Call up an overview of the settings of an analysis

  • Compare analyses to identify structure nodes where the valuation differs between two periods.


  • You have called the Analysis Projects view in the Solution Documentation Assistant.

  • You have selected an analysis project in the Analysis Project Table.


The analyses table for an analysis project is in the Analyses for Analysis Project '<name of analysis project>' area.

For each analysis, the standard view of the table displays:

  • Name assigned to analysis when created

  • Scheduled analysis start time

  • Analysis status. The analyses can have the following statuses:

    • Initial

    • Created

    • Planned

    • Running

    • Saving

    • Finished

    • Failed

  • Status time: Time at which the analysis reached the status displayed

  • Processing time: Duration of a completed analysis, or the duration of a current analysis since it started

  • User who created the analysis

  • Name of analysis project to which this analysis belongs

Note Note

In the default view, the analyses are sorted by their scheduled start time. The analysis with the most recent start time is at the top of the table.

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For more detailed information about each analysis, see Displaying Detailed Analysis Information.


Note Note

You can delete only those analyses that were not used to create or update an SAP Solution Manager project.

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