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Function documentationTechnical Monitoring Alert Inbox


Alert Inbox is the central access point for analyzing and solving Technical Monitoring problems in an SAP Solution Manager landscape.


Alert Inbox is integrated with:

  • IT Service Management to maintain support messages

  • Notification Management to share the status of an alert with various users


  • You have:

    • Configured Technical Monitoring using the SOLMAN_SETUP transaction

    • Set up the End-to-End Alerting infrastructure

    • Set up alerting in the SAP Solution Manager system


  • Navigate to alerts using customized query.

  • Analyze the alerts efficiently by navigating to various monitoring tools.

  • Track the status of alerts efficiently by assigning them to a processor and recording the status and comments.

  • Notify the current status of alerts to stakeholders.

  • Generate customized analysis report to be attached to incidents and notifications.

  • Postpone the alerts for a time period, so that they do not appear in the list.


  1. Analyze the status of alerts.

    For more information, see Analyzing Alerts.

  2. Process the alerts.

    For more information see, Processing Alerts.