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Procedure documentationActivating and Deactivating EEMon Functions


You can temporarily deactivate EEMon functions.


You have administrator authorization.


  1. Start the setup for End User Experience Monitoring in the SAP Solution Manager: Configuration work center.

  2. In the Infrastructure Configuration step, choose the Web Service Configuration substep.

  3. Choose Edit.

  4. To deactivate EEMon functions temporarily without changing the configuration, you have the following options:

    • To deactivate monitoring, deselect Web Service Notification.

      Only if this is selected is the status and response time of the execution of a script sent to SAP Solution Manager.

    • If no trace data is to be collected, deselect the Server Side Collection field.

      Trace data is only collected when this is selected.

    • If the number of data records collected is not to be logged, deselect the Logging of Server Side Collection field.

      You typically only activate logging if you are not sure whether traces are collected on the server side.

  5. Save your entries.