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Procedure documentationEditing Templates for Notification E-Mails


You can edit and change the e-mail notification templates which are provided by SAP.


  • You have called the Test Management work center.

  • You have authorization as administrator.


  1. Choose Administration.

  2. To display the names of the forms you want to edit, choose the Test Case Execution Smart Form Settings link.

    You go to the Customizing for Notification Forms screen.

    The names of the notification forms, which are assigned to the respective test execution statuses, are displayed.

  3. Edit an existing smart form or create new ones:

    Caution Caution

    Do not corrupt the default version of the smart forms as provided by SAP.

    Before changing a default smart form, create a copy.

    End of the caution.
    1. Call transaction smartforms.

      You go to the SAP Smart Forms Initial Screen.

    2. In the Form field, enter the name of the notification form you want to change.

      • To modify the notification of an execution of a test case, select AGS_SMT_NOTIFY_EXECUTED as a template.

      • To modify the notification of a failed execution of a test case, select AGS_SMT_NOTIFY_FAILED as a template.

    3. Choose Copy, to create a copy of the default smart form.

    4. Choose the Change pushbutton.

      You go to the SAP Form Builder: Change Form screen.

    5. Edit the notification form or create a new one. Form more information about creating and editing smart forms, see Smart Forms.

    6. Save your entries.

    7. Exit the function.

  4. If you have created a new smart form, assign it to the notification type:

    1. In the Customizing for Notification Forms screen, choose the Change pushbutton.

    2. Choose the New Entries pushbutton.

    3. In the Form field, select the notification type to which you want to assign the smart form.

    4. In the Form Name field, select the smart form you have created.

    5. Save your entries.

    6. Exit the function.


The new smart form is assigned to the notification type.

To receive notification e-mails, the user must be registered. For more information, see Registering a User for Receiving Notification E-mails.