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Object documentationDashboard for Alert Management Reporting


This dashboard shows the occurrence of alerts in your managed systems. The Alert Management (ALM) dashboard displays metrics such as the number and distribution of alerts, support messages, and the processing times of alerts. You can specify the data display period. The occurrence, distribution, and processing time of alerts tell you about the status and functioning of your managed systems.

You can call the ALM Dashboard from the work center Technical Monitoring, by choosing the Reporting button in the Alert Inbox area. You can display this function in the work center itself (Embedded) or in a (New Window).

Note Note

The role SAP_SM_DASHBOARDS_DISP_ALM contains authorization to call the dashboard. To be able to call the Alert Management Reporting dashboard, the authorization object Solution Manager Dashboard Instance (technical name SM_DSBINST) in the Dashboard Authorization Group must have the value ALM.

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For more information about the apps, see Alert Management Reporting Apps.

The following functions are available in the ALM Dashboard:

  • Possible display periods.

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • This week

    • Last week

    • This month

    • Last month

    • Last 30 days

    • This year

    • Last year

    • Last 12 months

    • User-defined selection

    Note Note

    If you selected a period, it is displayed when the dashboard is next called, but it is user-specific, so another user can have a different value.

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    You can display or hide the screen area in which you specify the period by choosing Show Filter or Hide Filter.

  • When you call the dashboard, all of the dashboard apps are initially minimized. To display an app full-screen, double-click on it.

  • To add apps to the dashboard, or change their order or data source, choose Configure. For more information, see Configure Alert Management Reporting Apps.


The ALM Dashboard does not require separate configuration; once you have set up technical monitoring and Interactive Reporting, the dashboard is available, and is provided with the required data. The following apps are displayed by default in this dashboard:

  • Number of alerts, by type and managed objects

  • Number of support messages, by type and managed objects

  • Sum of the validity periods of all alert groups