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  Copying Projects


You are on the initial screen of Project Administration .


  1. Select the project you want to copy.

  2. Start of the navigation path Choose Project Next navigation step Copy End of the navigation path .

  3. Specify a name for the target project.

    Note Note

    You can use the input help to view the project names that have already been entered in your SAP Solution Manager system.

    End of the note.
  4. Check the project type if necessary.

  5. Enter a project name.

  6. Choose which data of the project you want to copy:

    • Header Data, for example Project Team Member or System Landscape .

    • Activity Data, for example Status, Plan Data or Actual Data .

    • Documents

    • Roadmap Data, for example Roadmap Assignments, Status or Notes .

    • Test Plans

    • Business Function Scope

    • Technical Bill of Material

    • If you want to copy project data, select the relevant indicator.

      If you do not want to copy project data, deselect the relevant indicator.

  7. Choose Execute .

    The system copies the project.