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Procedure documentationCustomizing Test Case Types


Depending on the strategy of testing in your organization, you can determine which types of test cases shall be active in your system. By default, all available test case types are active. You may want to deactivate certain test case types, for example, because the license of a third party test tool has expired.

Note Note

It is not possible to assign a certain test tool to a test case type to deactivate this particular tool, for example, if more than one third party test tool is in use. In this case you would rather cancel the registration of the respective third party test tool. For more information, see Registering a Third Party Test Tool.

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  • You have called the Test Management work center.

  • You have authorization as administrator.


  1. In the Administration view, choose the Test Case Types Settings link.

    You go to the Test Case Types Settings screen.

  2. Choose the Change pushbutton.

  3. In the Active column, select the test case types which shall be available to the users of your system.

  4. In the Tool Name field, select a test tool.

  5. Save your entries.

  6. Exit the function.


Deactivated test case types can no longer be used to create test configurations.