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Function documentationRegistering Technical Systems Automatically by Data Suppliers


The preferred way of creating system landscape information in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is automatic system registration by SLD data suppliers, which are implemented on most system types. The data suppliers send their data to the System Landscape Directory (SLD), which forwards the information 1:1 to LMDB by synchronization. Only the SMD Agent (Outside Discovery), writes directly into LMDB.


  • You have performed the basic configuration of LMDB.

  • You have initially synchronized SLD and LMDB. For more information, see Connecting LMDB to System Landscape Directory (SLD).

  • You have maintained the users and authorizations for systems to be connected:

    • Application Server ABAP: administration user

    • Application Server Java: administration user

    • For all other products, see the product implementation guides (IMG).

    • SLD user: SLDDSUSER or another user with SAP_SLD_DATA_SUPPLIER role.


Each architecture entity has its own data supplier, which is described in detail in its documentation. For hosts, Microsoft IIS, and databases, the SMD Agent supplies data by “Outside Discovery” and writes directly into LMDB. Outside Discovery enhances the system information, which would otherwise not be sufficient . All data suppliers that use the executable sldreg are configured in the same way; for more information, see SAP Note 1018839Information published on SAP site.

For a list of data suppliers for the different technical system types, see SAP Note 1869701Information published on SAP site.

Detailed information about individual products is beyond the scope of this setup guide. For more information about the configuration of specified products, see Maintenance of Products in the System Landscape in the SAP Community Network at published on SAP site.

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