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  Select Business Processes for the Service Level Report


You specify the business processes which you want to analyze.


  1. Select the Select Business Processes for SL Report check.

  2. To display business processes which you created in other sessions, for selection, choose Load Global Business Processes.

    The system copies all existing business processes into the Service Level Report table.

  3. Choose the business processes which you need for your Service Level Report.

    Note Note

    If you have already specified a business process in Business Process and Interface Monitoring , it is the default value. Otherwise you can specify any business process.

    You can also create new business processes for this specific Service Level Report, for example to test the report functionality, or to monitor background jobs which comprise an ABAP report or a chain of ABAP reports.

    End of the note.

    Example Example

    Business Process: my Background Job

    Analyses: X

    End of the example.
  1. Save your entries with Save + Next w/o Check .

    You go to a subnode of the business process step Analyses of Business Process <nn> checks. You activate the history for average response times, and flag posting errors or query analyses for the business process step transactions, reports or queries, for analysis.

    1. Specify the transaction, report or query for the business process step.

    Note Note

    The transaction name of a business process step is in the Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Status End of the navigation path menu of the transaction.

    Set the Response Time and Update Error analyses for the transaction, report or query.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    Business process steps which are based on a non- SAP software component, are not displayed.

    End of the note.

    Example Example

    For check: Analyses of Business Process my Background Job

    Step Name:

    • my Job 1

    • my Job 2

    End of the example.
  2. Save your entries with Save + Next w/o Check .

  3. Specify the alert threshold for the business process, if necessary.

  4. Save your entries with Save + Next w/o Check .

    If you have specified business processes in Business Process Monitoring , you go to the associated check.