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Background documentationPhases in Quality Gate Management


Quality gate management projects have the following four phases:

  1. The Scope phase ensures that the tasks required for successful completion of the project have been carried out. In this phase, you also verify the system landscape and the technical prerequisites of the systems for a project.

    In the Scope phase, you carry out the following activities:

    • You document the functional or technical design.

    • You document the requirements of individual departments.

    • You evaluate the technical viability of a project.

    The Scope phase begins at the Q-Gate Project Start.

  2. The Build phase refers to the actual development process. You create the necessary transport requests, attached to the software development objects, in all systems used in the project. The transports are imported into the follow-on system together, to guarantee correct functioning if the transport requests are functionally interdependent.

    The Build phase begins at the Q-Gate Scope to Build.

  3. In the Test phase, projects, or changes to projects, are imported and activated in the test systems. The test team must approve the previously defined test cases (for example, integration and user acceptance testing). If there are errors in the test cases, you must make the necessary corrections in the development system(s). You then assign the changes to new transports which are imported to the test system.

    The Test phase begins at the Q-Gate Build to Test.

  4. Only the entire project, with all changes and corrections, can be imported during the Deploy phase. This ensures that all transport requests of a project are imported into the production system, completely and in the correct sequence. The Deploy phase, also know as project go-live, is the last phase of the project.

    The Deploy phase begins at the Q-Gate Test to Deploy.

    Note Note

    If you are working with a maintenance project, you can create maintenance cycles for this project. In this case, a new Scope phase follows the Deploy phase. For more information, see Maintenance Cycles in QGM.

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