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Procedure documentationConfiguring Security Apps


Once you have created a Dashboard for Security, you can add the following apps to it:

  • Security Overview

  • Security Details

  • Security List


  1. Open the dashboard and choose Configure.

  2. Choose Add New App.

  3. In the Cross Application category, choose the desired security app.

  4. In the Header field, you can change the default header to a meaningful name for the app.

  5. Select a target system for evaluation.

    Note Note

    The Security Details and Security List apps are designed to use the target system template 0SEC_NEW. It contains configuration items, operators, and values from SAP Best Practices and general recommendations for validating the software, configuration, and user categories. You can select the template directly, or you can create and use a target system based on this template. Any configuration stores that you add to the target system will only be validated if they use the security app queries.

    For the Security Overview app, you can choose any target system.

    For more information about target systems, see Creating a Target System.

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  6. Select the systems you want to evaluate from the list of available systems, and then choose Apply Selection.

    Note Note

    If desired, you can choose Preview to display compliance data in the configuration view before adding the app to the dashboard.

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  7. Choose Apply.

    The app is added to your dashboard.

  8. Choose Save Dashboard to save the app in the Security dashboard.

Note Note

When you call the dashboard, all of the dashboard apps are initially minimized. To display an app full-screen, double-click it.

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