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Procedure documentationSpecifying Report Content


You can specify the content to display in your customer-specific Task Log History report.


You have marked tasks as completed, and the system has logged the completed tasks in the Task Log Book.


  1. In the navigation area, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Reporting Next navigation step Report Content End of the navigation path.

    On the Tasks Log History tab, all tasks relevant to the report are displayed.

  2. On the Define Content for Task Log History tab, you define the following:

    • To display only those tasks in the report that have a comment, choose Display only Task Logs with Comments.

    • To display only tasks within a specified time period, enter the Task Logs from Date and the Task Logs until Date.

    • To display only tasks performed within a specified number of days of today’s date, use the Number of Days field. For example, enter 10 to display only the tasks performed in the last 10 days.

    Note Note

    You can also restrict the report content indirectly, by limiting the size or duration of the history. For more information, see Customizing Task Log Book and Task Log History.

    End of the note.
  3. On the Define Order of Report tab, you define the sort sequence of the tasks displayed in the report.

  4. Save your entries.

    You can use the selection tabs to display only the tasks that match your settings. The content of the Tasks Log History tab appears in the report.


The following reports are available for generation and printing:

  • Task Log History

  • Task Session Report

You can generate and print the documents as an MS Word report, using the MS Word Document or HTML Document pushbutton at the upper part of the session.

To add your company name and address to the report cover page, see Setting Up Report Cover Page.