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Function documentationGraphical Overview


The Solution Documentation Assistant provides graphical overviews of the analysis results and the object usage, based on the workload statistics, or the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse data. Charts show you, for example, the frequency of certain results when evaluating the Analysis Structure and Check Rules.


  1. You have called the Analysis Results.

  2. You have called the Analysis Results or Object Usage.

  3. You have chosen the Component View tab.


The analysis results and object usage data can be displayed either in a pie chart or in a table.

The graphical analysis results display shows the following analysis objects:

  • Business scenarios

  • Business processes

  • Business process steps

  • Structure nodes

  • Check items

  • Check steps

The charts or tables show how many of the named analysis objects received the following ratings, and the proportion of these ratings:

  • Probably Active (or Probably True for check steps).

    Example Example

    A business scenario includes both active and inactive business processes. The business scenario is rated as: Probably Active.

    End of the example.
  • Not Analyzed because, for example, there is no data available

  • Active (or True for check steps).

  • Not Active (or False for check steps).

  • No Result

  • No Result due to errors (only for check steps)

Note Note

In the result, values upon which the charts are based are in the key to the diagrams. The absolute number and proportions are displayed in the table.

End of the note.


You can adjust the scope and presentation of the graphical overview to your requirements, under Settings. For further information, see Specify Scope and Display Format of Graphical Overview of Analysis Results