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Process documentationTechnical Monitoring and Alerting Architecture


This process explains the Technical Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure. The Technical Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure comprises the following components:

  • Data provider (for example, diagnostics agent, Wily Introscope or ABAP RFC)

  • Data provider connector

  • Metric store

  • Alert store

  • Event calculation engine

  • Alert consumer connector

  • Alert consumers

The figure below illustrates the End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure:


You have configured Technical Monitoring, using the transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.


  1. Data providers in managed systems collect relevant data.

  2. The data provider connector collects the data from the data providers.

  3. The data provider connector sends the data to the alert store.

  4. The event calculation engine derives the status of metrics and events, using the data in the alert store and the configuration information in the directory.

  5. The event calculation engine calculates alerts from the status of the event.

  6. The event calculation engine sends the information to the alert consumer connector.

  7. The alert consumer connector sends the information to the appropriate alert consumer, such as Alert Inbox and System Monitoring.

  8. The alert consumer displays the status of monitored objects.