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Procedure documentationAssigning a Business Partner to be Informed About a Service Outage


If a service outage occurs, Service Availability Monitoring can notify the business partner assigned to the system. This reminds, for example, the administrator responsible to check and adjust a service outage.

For SAM to be able to do this, as the LMDB administrator you must

  • maintain a business partner in the SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB) and assign the business partner to the managed object

  • assign a partner function to the business partner

The partner function depends on the scenario in which you use SAM.

  • In organizations with larger system landscapes, the person responsible is typically an administrator responsible for specific systems.

  • In smaller organizations, with medium-sized landscapes, an IT service manager might be responsible.

  • In organizations with small system landscapes, the end user may be responsible for maintaining service outages. This could be a function as the Business Information Officer (BIO).

You have the following options:

  • Employee Responsible: Typically the administrator or IT service manager responsible for the managed object, the system owner.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    For typical use cases, assign the Employee Responsible partner function. The administrator responsible is the person best informed about service outages. The notifications remind the employee responsible to adjust or create service outages if required.

    End of the recommendation.
  • Service Employee Group: Team that operates the managed objects (grouped by business ares, for example)

  • Sold-To-Party: Owner of a managed object, typically the company/organization that has bought the managed object (technical system, host, and so on). For example the BIO in an organization with a small system landscape.

  • Customer: Organization using the managed object, for example an internal organizational unit or an external customer


  • The monitored systems are set up in the managed system setup.


  1. In the Technical Administration work center, under Related Links, choose Start of the navigation path Technical Administration Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Solution Manager Administration End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose the Landscape scenario.

  3. Select the systems in scope of Service Availability Monitoring.

  4. For each system, on the Business Partners tab page, assign a business partner with the appropriate partner functions, depending on the scenario for your organization.

  5. Enable sending notifications. For more information, see Setting Up Service Availablity Monitoring.


For every LMDB object in the scope of Service Availability Monitoring, a business partner with the appropriate partner functions is maintained. SAM notifies the business partners about service outages to be adjusted.