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Procedure documentationCreate Self-Service


Decide which services you want to perform yourself, and plan the performance of the self-services.


  1. Select an engagement cycle.

  2. Choose the Support Plan tab page.

    The tasks assigned to the Top Issues and Issues, are displayed.

  3. To identify the name of the self-service that you can use to perform the task, select the task.

    Under Details for Task, you can find a description of the task and the name of the corresponding self-service on the Details tab under Long Text.

  4. To display information about a task, choose the task ID.

    SAP Support processes the task master data or uses the Send E-Mail function to forward the task to another support staff member, for example.

    Note Note

    To be able to process the data, your user must have be assigned a business partner.

    End of the note.
    • To display the text which was generated in the 360° review, choose the Registerkarte Description tab.

    • To identify the system, the business process, or the object to which the Top Issue relates, choose the Context tab.

    • To identify the task that is assigned to the Top Issue, choose the Recommended Tasks tab.

    • To display the support task resolution log, choose the Outcome Recording tab.

    • To display the processing workflow log, choose the Processing Information tab.

    For more information about the information displayed about the various tabs, see Issues.

  5. Save your entries.

  6. Choose Create Self-Service.

    You go to a guided procedure. The available self-services are displayed.

  7. Choose Service: Select the self-service indicated in the task description long text.

  8. Download: Ensure the following:

    • If the self-service is not yet available locally, download the latest version.

    • If the self-service is already available locally, download the latest service content.

  9. Select System: Select the system for which you have identified problems.

  10. Process Information: Select the planned date of the self-service.

  11. Assign: Specify the processor of the self-service. You can then display the self-services assigned to the processor in the Services view when you select the My Services entry in the Contact Person field.

  12. Check: To create the self-service, choose Finish.

    You go back to the Support Plan tab. The selected service appears in the service session overview, in the Service tab.

  13. Optional: If you cannot perform the task yourself, e.g. because of lack of expertise, create a support request.

    1. Choose Create Support Request.

      You go to a guided procedure. In the Specify Request step, the Optimization of existing solution support option is the default setting and is assigned to the relevant Top Issue.

      For more information about processing the guided procedure, see Service Requests.

    2. Save the support request.

      You go back to the Engagement Overview view.

    3. Send the support request to SAP. For more information, see Service Requests.


  • The self-service appears in the Service tab, and can be performed.

  • The self-service appears in the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center, in the Services view. You can, for example, check the position of the service in the graphical deadline overview, and edit the service details. For more information, see Services.

More Information

  • You can, for example, change the priority or deadline of tasks. For more information, see Tasks.