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Procedure documentationCheck Objects which are Not in Test Scope


The display area Objects Not in Test Scope shows a table of the objects which are not in the test scope. You can select objects, and put their business process hierarchy nodes in the test scope.


  1. Show the display area Objects Not in Test Scope.

    The table shows the percentage distribution of the objects not in the test scope.

  2. Go to the hierarchy level (logical component, software component or package) in the table whose objects you want to check.

  3. Click on the hyperlink at the selected hierarchy level.

    The detailed analysis gives you a detailed list of all objects affected.

  4. Select the objects in the detailed analysis, which you want to put in the test scope.

  5. Choose Put In Test Scope.


The system puts the business process hierarchy node containing the selected objects, with the highest test effectiveness, in the test scope. The system behaves as though you overrode this node manually, under Business Process Hierarchy:

  • The graphical view is updated automatically

  • Under Business Process Hierarchy, the node is flagged as Manually-Selected.