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Procedure documentationCreating Third-Party Test Tool Test Data Containers


You create a test data container for a third-party test tool test configuration.


  1. Under Common Tasks, choose Easy Test Automation.

    You go to the SAP Solution Manager Test Automation Initial Screen.

  2. In the Test Configuration field, select the existing third-party test tool test configuration.

  3. Choose Change Object.

    You go to the Test Configuration change screen.

  4. Choose theTest Data tab page.

  5. Create a new test data container:

    1. Add a row and in the Test Data Container field, enter a name.

      Do not use blanks in the name.

    2. Press Enter.

      You go to the Create Test Data Container screen.

    3. Enter data as required.

  6. Specify the SAP Solution Manager context:

    1. Choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path.

      You go to the Workbench Settings dialog box.

    2. Select an SAP Solution Manager Project or a solution.

    3. Select a system role.

      The system role is user-specific. Another user can use the same system data container with another system role without having to change the RFC destination.

    4. Choose Save and exit.

  7. On the General Data tab page, select a system data container and a target system.

    The selected target system is displayed in the top area of the screen.

  8. Create a parameter:

    1. On the Parameters tab page, add a row.

    2. In the Parameter Reference field, choose Search for Data Elements.

      The data elements in the target system are displayed.

    3. Select a data element.

    4. Choose Accept.

      You go back tor the Parameters tab page.

    5. Enter a name and a value.

    6. Save your entries.


A plausibility check is performed to make sure the values comply to the specification of the data element in the target system.