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 Processing Transport Requests


SAP Solution Manager contains transport functions for template projects:

Templates transported for template projects contain the following elements:

Project structure (structure items and positioning)

Assignments of business content made in the Business Blueprint and implementation (for example, BC Sets, transactions, test cases, and so on), as well as of business functions.

Objects such as BC Sets or CATTs, which you have created in the managed systems from SAP Solution Manager, are not transported with the template. To transport these objects from the managed systems (for example, to the subsidiaries of a company) proceed as described under Global Rollout with a Template .


You are in the Project Administration transaction in change mode for the project.


You can monitor change requests for your project in Project Administration. You can access the following functions for the current client on the Transport Request tab:

Activate Change and Transport System (CTS) functionality

Activating the CTS functionality allows you to create change requests. Once you have activated the CTS functionality, the pushbutton changes to Display CTS Project Data . When the CTS project is completed, the button text changes to Reactivate CTS Functionality .

Assigned CTS Requests

Select this button to go to an overview of the request in the Transport Organizer. Here you can create orders for a project.

CTS Project Piece List

The project piece list remains unchanged. Once the project is complete, you can export the entire piece list.

CTS Project Status Switch

Choose this button to set the project status switch.

Complete CTS Project…

Select this button to close your project. You can reactivate it later.

Packages for Objects

Specify the package to which the project structure and its assignments (to the business content and business functions) are to be assigned, in the field Package for Objects . Any later changes made to the project structure, for example, to the project scope, or the Business Blueprint, are automatically assigned to this package. You are only required to enter the corresponding transport request.

If you do not enter a package on the Transport Request tab page, the system prompts you to enter a package every time you save in a session and then assigns it automatically.

Change package assignment

If a project structure is assigned to a local package (e.g. $tmp), and you want to to assign it to a transportable package instead, you can change the package assignment in the program RSOLAR_PROJSTRUCT_UPDATE_DEVC. Entert the new package in the Transport Requests tab, in the field Package for Objects , and save. Call the program RSOLAR_PROJSTRUCT_UPDATE_DEVC, enter the name of your project, and execute. The system tells you when the package assignments of all associated objects have been adjusted.

You can also change the package assignment for a project structure from a transportable package to a local one, for example after an upgrade, with the program RSOLAR_PROJSTRUCT_UPDATE_DEVC. See SAP note 968198.

Note for Project Assignment

The automatic assignment of transport requests to a project is not supported. You can, however, make assignments for documentation purposes. Assigning your project to a transport request ensures that all changes made in the Business Blueprint or during configuration are recorded in the transport request. You must activate the CTS functionality before you can assign your project. For more information, see the Activate Change and Transport System (CTS) Functionality section under Procedure above.

To assign your project:

Call the Transport Organizer.

Call the request to which the items in your project have been assigned.

Place your cursor on the request.

Choose Request/Task →Display

Go to the Properties tab.

Switch to change mode.

Enter the name of your project in the Project field. The description of the project appears automatically when you save.

Save your entries. You have now made the project assignment.

For more detailed information on the Change and Transport System (CTS) and Customizing projects, see Using Projects to Control Transports .