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Function documentationAssignment of Executable Variants


If you have assigned executable entities (transactions, programs or other objects) to a structure element of your project or solution, in the Transactions tab, you can create executable variants for each executable entity, and assign them to structure elements. Each variant can execute the executable entity in a different way. For example, you could create an executable variant of each transaction variant. In programs, you could, for example, specify in an executable variant, whether a program is to create, display, delete or change data.

You can create, display, assign or deassign executable variants, and create a where-used list.

To minimize the scope of tests, you can assign executable variants to test cases, in the Test Cases tab. See also Record TBOMs for Executable Variants.

You can create executable variants for the following executable entities:

  • BSP application

  • CRM WebClient application

  • Java Web Dynpro

  • Program

  • Web Dynpro application

  • SAP CRM People-Centric UI application

  • Transaction

  • URL SAP application


You are in the Business Blueprint (SOLAR01), Configuration (SOLAR02) or Solution Directory (SOLMAN_DIRECTORY).

You have activated the BAdI implementation TRANVAR. To active it, choose the following activity in SAP Solution Manager Customizing: Start of the navigation path SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step Capabilities (Optional) Next navigation step Implementation/Upgrade Next navigation step Blueprint and Configuration Next navigation step Tab Extension Next navigation step Adapt Assignment of Executable Variants End of the navigation path.


Display and create variants

To display variants, select an object (e.g. program) in the Transactions tab, and choose Executable Variants. The system lists all variants in a dialog box. Unassigned variants are at the top of the list, followed by assigned variants in alphabetical order.

Create opens another dialog box, in which you can specify a new variant ID and name. When you confirm your entries, the new variant is in the first row of the list.

A new variant is automatically assigned to the associated executable entity, and is displayed in the Transactions tab directly below the executable entity. You can remove this assignment of new variants, by resetting the Assigned flag. You cannot change other existing variant assignments.

You can change the sequence of the variants in the Transactions tab, by selecting them and moving them up and down with the associated pushbuttons.

Assigning variants

The Assigned flag distinguishes between assigned and unassigned variants in the list.

You can assign a variant to several structure elements at the same time, via the associated executable entity. If an executable entity is assigned to several structure elements in the Transactions tab, you can display all associated variants, whether or not they are assigned to the current structure element, with Executable Variants. If you delete the assignment of a variant to a structure element, the executable entity is displayed as not assigned, in the list of variants. The variant is only no longer shown in the list when all of its assignments have been deleted from the Transactions tab. The where-used list tells you where a variant is used.

Where-used list

The where-used list tells you which structure elements use a variant. Select a variant and choose Where-Used List in the Transactions tab. The system shows the usages of the variant in a pop-up.

Deassign variants

To deassign a variant, select it in the Transactions tab, and choose Delete Row. It is then no longer assigned to this structure element.

Executing variants

To execute a variant, select it in the Transactions tab and choose Execute.