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  Create a Type Group for an Integration Server


This function links customizing ID types to their system landscape (including the integration server). ID types and business systems belong in the same type group if:

  • the business systems exchange messages

  • these messages contain the appropriate customizing ID types

  • the customizing ID types are equivalent, but not harmonized in these systems

Equivalent ID types are put in the same type group, i.e. the type group defines the scope of one ID mapping.

Note Note

The combination of an ID type and a business system can only be in one type group for an integration server.

End of the note.


When you have created type groups for an integration server, you can define ID Mapping for this type group and the integration server.


You have defined ID types and possibly global ID types, and Business Systems , and flagged integration servers.


  1. Choose an integration server, for which you want create a type group.

  2. Specify an existing customizing ID type, or copy one from a global customizing ID type.


  1. Choose the integration server IntServerDev , for which you want to define a customizing ID mapping.

  2. Specify a technical name for the type group: gruppe_familienstand .

  3. Insert the customizing ID types BuPaMaritalStatusID and R3MaritalStatusID from the global ID type Familienstand .

  4. Assign the appropriate business systems to the customizing ID types.