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Procedure documentationWorking with BPO Apps


The following BPO apps can be viewed under the BPO node of your dashboard:

  • Two BPO apps that display rating information in one-dimensional and two-dimensional form.

  • A two-dimensional chart enabling you to display the corresponding BPO data in different graphical forms.

The BPO apps are displayed in the Business Process Operations Dashboard.


You must have set up the BPO dashboard in the back-end system as described in Set Up Dashboard.

The following prerequisites also apply:

  • Solution Manager 7.0 SP26 or Solution Manager 7.1 SP1 or higher

  • You have set up business process analytics according to SAP Note 1430754Information published on SAP site

  • For Solution Manager 7.0: Implement SAP Note 1599307Information published on SAP site

  • For Solution Manager 7.1: Implement SAP Note 1610692Information published on SAP site

  • You must activate the corresponding HTTP services in transaction SICF.


To work with the BPO apps, proceed as follows:

  1. Call one of the three apps from the My Dashboard list.

  2. Enter the panel ID whose data you want to display and click the Apply button.

    • If necessary, add a further app to the dashboard. You can, for example, include all three BPO apps in one dashboard display.

    • For the two-dimensional chart app, you can further select the bar chart type that you want to display (top right section).

    Note Note

    The color coding must be defined in the back-end system, under Start of the navigation path BPO Work Center Next navigation step Setup Analytical Key Figure Instance End of the navigation path. Here, you must set up thresholds and the corresponding color coding, in the sections General Rating and Specific Rating.

    End of the note.
  3. You can now work with the three apps in the following way:

    • In the one-dimensional rating table, you can see the data in simple table form, for example, the number of sales documents per sales organization.

    • In the two-dimensional rating table, you can see the data in table form. The second dimension refers to the thresholds set for the three colors (red, yellow, green) in the back end SAP Solution Manager system.

    • In the two-dimensional BPO chart, you can see the data displayed as a bar chart with Quick-Info texts (mouseover), and by clicking the grid at the top right, the display switches to table form.

    You can get more information on the setting up of panels in Set Up Panel.

  4. Your changes are only permanently saved when you choose Save Dashboard.