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 Customizing Distribution


You often have to make selected customizing settings match in various systems within a system landscape. You can use the Customizing Distribution to synchronize selected customizing settings in a source system (e.g. SAP ERP system) with the customizing settings in the target systems (e.g. an SAP MDM system).

Note Note

The system which is the reference for the Customizing Distribution is also referred to below as the source system. All other systems in your system landscape are referred to as target systems and are synchronized with the source system.

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The Customizing Distribution synchronizes the customizing settings when implementing or updating while operating the system. Before you synchronize customizing settings, you can compare them with another tool, the Customizing Scout .


You have satisfied all the Customizing Distribution prerequisites . You have ensured that the Customizing ID Mapping Framework is not used in more than one customizing object and system at the same time.


Automatic distribution of customizing

You can perform the following functions on customizing settings in a development landscape with the Customizing Distribution:

  • initial download from a source system into a target system (initial distribution)

  • timed distribution

  • distribute automatically after each transport release or customizing change (from SAP R/3 4.6C)

  • distribute manually.

The Customizing Distribution starts a process which transfers the customizing into the target systems. The Customizing Distribution writes all distributed customizing changes in transport requests, so that you can transport the customizing changes from the development systems into the quality assurance and production systems.

Note Note

You can only select one distribution type per Solution Manager project and source client, i.e. you must decide whether you use timed Customizing Distribution, or distribute after transport release or after customizing changes. Only one distribution type per source client is also allowed for non-project-specific Customizing Distribution.

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Predefined objects for Customizing Distribution

Certain customizing objects which must be synchronized in a development landscape are predefined in the system ( Synchronization Objects ). You can select synchronization objects and other customizing objects for the distribution with the Synchronization Group Editor .

Note Note

For further information about which customizing objects can be distributed, see Suitable Objects for Customizing Synchronization .

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Display Customizing Distribution in the Implementation Guide

An icon in the Implementation Guide (IMG) of the systems being managed indicates whether the Customizing of an IMG activity was changed by the distribution. To display this icon in the IMG, the managed systems must contain software component SAP_BASIS with the following basis support packages:

Basis support packages required to display the icons in the IMG


Basis support package





6.30 and higher


Lock distribution-relevant customizing objects in the target systems

You can automatically lock the customizing objects or key areas which are to be changed by the Customizing Distribution. The entire customizing object is locked. You can filter the locks to specified key entries, which lets you add other, for example target system-specific entries, in the target system.

You can only lock standard customizing objects, i.e. objects of type View (V), View Cluster (C) and Table with Text Table (S). You can only lock other customizing objects organizationally.


You can Display the Customizing Distribution Logs after Customizing Distribution.