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 Customizing Scout


This tool compares customizing objects in a system in an SAP system landscape, with customizing objects in an ERP system.

Certain customizing objects which must be synchronized in a development landscape, are predefined in the system for selected components ( Synchronization Objects ). You can select synchronization objects and other customizing objects for the comparison with the Synchronization Group Editor .

Note Note

The system which is the reference for a comparison is also referred to below as the source system in the SAP system landscape. This will be an ERP system. All other systems in your SAP system landscape are referred to as target systems and are only compared with the source system.

End of the note.


The comparison helps you to synchronize the customizing settings when implementing or updating a system landscape. You can use the comparison to eliminate differences in the customizing settings of the systems, for example by using the IMG implementation guide or the Customizing Distribution .after the comparison.


System landscape, authorizations and RFC connections

You fulfilled the Prerequisites .


The protection levels must be set to one of the following values for the comparison source and target systems:

  • 0 (unrestricted)

  • 1 (no overwriting)

You can set this in the client maintenance. For further information, see Maintain Clients and Logical Systems and the F1 help in Client Maintenance .


Select system landscape

Before you make a comparison, you can choose the system landscape in which it is to be made:

  • a system landscape defined in a project in the SAP Solution Manager

  • the entire transport domain.

    Note Note

    If you select the entire transport domain, all comparisons are displayed, regardless of which project they are assigned to.

    End of the note.

You can display or make comparisons as follows:

  • display, edit and delete existing comparisons

  • compare a target system with a source system in dialog or in the background

  • compare several target systems with a source system in the background

  • compare one or more target systems periodically in the background

You can also create comparisons only for systems whose customizing is compared with the Customizing Distribution .

Display comparison result

You can choose between several views of the comparison result:

  • Comparisons in the system landscape : You get an overview of all systems which you have selected for comparison. You can also examine all existing comparisons for each system in a list.

  • Object Overview : You can list all compared objects and their comparison and processing status for a system.

  • Object comparison : You can select a customizing object in the object overview and make and analyze a detailed comparison of the field entries.

Utilities and other functions in the object overview:

  • display a comparison log for missing comparisons which were cancelled

  • change the processing status of specified objects

  • filter the object display by processing status, comparison status and object type

  • select objects and go to the corresponding IMG activity in the source or target system to make changes.