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Procedure documentationManaging Notification of Work Modes


You use this procedure to maintain and notify the recipients about a downtime planned for a system.


You have maintained recipients and recipient lists in Notification Management.

For more information, see Notification Management.


  1. In the Schedule Work Mode for <technical component> screen area, choose the Notification Management tab page.

  2. Perform the following:

Adding Recipients
  1. Choose Add Recipients.

  2. In the Recipients Defined in the Central Notification Management window, add the recipients.

Adding the Default Recipients
  1. Choose Add Recipients from System Settings.

  2. In the Add Recipients window, add the recipients.

    The default recipients for the system are added to the notification settings of the work mode.

Sending Notifications
  1. To send the notification according to the notification schedule, choose Release Scheduled Notifications.

  2. To send a notification immediately, perform the following substeps:

    1. Choose Send Instant Notification.

    2. Select the user type.

    3. If you are sending a notification to all recipients, select the notification mode.

    4. If required, edit the notification text.

    5. Send the notification.