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Function documentationUser Settings


In the user settings, you can make the following settings for the transactions Business Blueprint (SOLAR01), Configuration (SOLAR02) und Solution Directory (SOLMAN_DIRECTORY), by user.

  • Initial Project

    The project with which the transactions Business Blueprint and Configuration start.

  • Comparison Mode Active

    Changed structure nodes and their changes are indicated by icons in the tabs in Business Blueprint, Configuration and Solution Directory. See also Compare and Adjust Structure Contents by Lifecycle Phase.

  • Tabs

    The tabs which are visible in the transactions Business Blueprint and Configuration. The Hide Tabs Dynamically flag specifies that only the tabs relevant to a structure element are visible.

  • Display SAPscript Documentation

    Specify how SAPscript documentation is displayed.

  • General Settings

    • Save Assignments whithout Prompt

      You are not prompted for confirmation when you save structure element assignments, e.g. when assigning a transaction or BC Set to a structure element.

    • Separate Document Display/Maintenance Window

      Documents are displayed and edited in a new window.

    • Hide External Links when Filtering

      Projects are filtered by attributes assigned to structure elements. If a filter is selected, only those structure elements are displayed that match its criteria. You can filter local shortcuts, that have their origin inside the project, and external shortcuts, that have their origin outside the project.

      External shortcuts are displayed according to the setting in this checkbox.

  • Icons in Component View

    Which icons are displayed in the Component View tab.

  • Performance-Relevant Settings

    • Hide Assigned Open Service Messages icon

      When a solution is displayed in the Solution Directory transaction, the system identifies any business processes assigned to its structure elements, and displays the Assigned Business Processes icon, if any are found. This can cause performance problems in large structures. To avoid such problems, you can set this flag to hide assigned business processes.