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Procedure documentationUsing Central Change and Transport System


Central Change and Transport System (central CTS) is used as the technical infrastructure for the enhanced flexibility functions for Change Request Management and Quality Gate Management (QGM). Usually, you do not use central CTS directly. However, for special tasks, you may want or need to use central CTS functions directly:

  • Displaying information related to central CTS

    • Displaying Transport Collections on the Central CTS Server

      On the central CTS server, you can use CTS Transport Manager Web UI to display transport collections including all transport requests, and objects, as well as assigned changes and project cycles that belong to them.

    • Displaying Assignments to Transport Collections in Managed Systems

      In managed systems, you can display the transport collections to which a transport request is assigned.

  • Performing Imports into System Clusters

    In specific situations, you can import transport collections in system clusters using Import Queue Web UI.

  • Activating and Displaying the Application Log for Central CTS

    You can activate an application log for actions triggered by central CTS.