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Procedure documentationIdentifying Top Issues


A self-service identifies Top Issues and Issues in your IT organization which you want to resolve in the engagement cycle.

You can also include Top Issues which you have already created. For further information, see Include Known Top Issues in Engagement Cycle.


You have created an engagement cycle.


  1. Select an engagement cycle.

  2. Choose the Expert Appraisal link on the 360° Review tab.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Select the language in which you want to run the analysis and choose OK to confirm.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. Specify the service session scope:

    • To restrict the number of questions in your first engagement engagement cycles, and to identify the standard Top Issues with the greatest improvement potential first, choose Yes.

      Customer experience reports and simulations for these standardized Top Issues are available on the Benefit Case tab. See Estimating the Benefits of Engagement Cycles, for further information.

    • To use the entire spectrum of queries, to identify Top Issues and Issues in subsequent engagement cycles, choose No (Complete).

    A service session starts. Follow the self-service instructions.

    The evaluation summary contains your Top Issues and a support plan with tasks which are assigned to Top Issues.

  5. Optional: To document the Top Issues and Issues that you have identified, generate a technical solution management report (evaluation summary).

    Recommendation Recommendation

    Export and save the report as a Word document. You can send the report to SAP Support later, to check the result of the 360° review, and get tips to optimize the engagement cycle.

    End of the recommendation.

    Note Note

    To be able to generate the report, you need Microsoft Word. See SAP Note 199123Information published on SAP site for further information.

    End of the note.
  6. Close the service session.

    You go back to the Engagement Overview view.

  7. Optional: If you are unsure whether the relevant problems have been recognized, and appropriate measures proposed, send the report to SAP Support to be checked.

    1. On the 360° Check tab, choose Create Support Requests.

      You go to a guided procedure. In the Specify Request step, the Optimization of existing solution support option is the default setting and is assigned to the relevant service.

      For more information about processing the guided procedure, see Service Requests.

    2. Specify Request: The Optimization of existing solution support option is the default setting. Specify the Top Issue in question under Follow-Up of Top Issue.

    3. Define Scope: Enter a short text and explain your uncertainty about whether the relevant problems have been recognized and appropriate measures proposed. To specify any previous services that may have been provided, enter the following under Services, for example:

      • The current results of any EarlyWatch Services run automatically

      • Self-services that were previously performed

      • Services provided by SAP that have already been performed

    4. Add Processes: Optional: Specify the business processes in question.

    5. Add Attachments: Attach the technical solution management report (evaluation summary) or the automatically generated report.

    6. Check: Save the support request.

      The Engagement Overview view is displayed again.

    7. Send the support request to SAP. For more information, see Service Requests.


  • The Top Issues and Issues that you have identified are summarized in one or more benefit cases.

  • If you have generated a report, you can call it in the 360° Check tab, under Technical Solution Management.