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Procedure documentationCreating a Service Time Pattern


You can create service time patterns (a 7/24 or 5/10 schema, for example) and reuse them to define agreed service times.

Recommendation Recommendation

Instead of defining agreed service times for each system individually, create AST patterns according to a naming convention reflecting the planned system availability, for example “24x7_00_to_24_CET” or “5x12_06_18_CET”.

End of the recommendation.


  1. In the Technical Administration work center, choose the Service Availability Management scenario.

    The technical systems in scope of SAM are displayed.

  2. Select one or more systems, and choose the Maintain Service Time pushbutton.

    The agreed service times assigned to the technical component are displayed.

  3. Select one or more agreed service times and choose Start of the navigation path Go to Next navigation step Service Patterns. End of the navigation path.

  4. Choose Create.

  5. Enter data as required.

    In the ID field, enter a technical name according to the naming conventions for your name-space.

    For more information, see Scheduling Agreed Service Times.

  6. Save your entries.


The service time pattern is created. When you define agreed service times for a managed object, you can reuse it. To do so, on the Availability Pattern tab page, choose the Copy Pattern pushbutton.