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Procedure documentationViewing the Status of an SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Domain


You use this procedure to monitor the status of components, channels, and messages in an SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) domain.


  1. In the Technical Monitoring work center, go to PI Monitoring.

  2. In the Detailed Selection screen area, select the query.

    Group PI domains in queries for faster access.

  3. Select the domain.

  4. To view the status of the PI domain, choose Overview Monitor.

  5. Display the status, embedded or in a new window.

  6. Select a time range.

    The status of three main categories integration server (including all central PI components), de-central adapter engines, and business systems (including ABAP proxies) is displayed on the Overview – <domain name> tab page.

  7. To view the status of the component, do one of the following:

    • In the graphical view, click the category.

      For example, to view the detailed status of integration server, click the integration server. The status of adapter engine, mapping runtime, directory, repository, and SLD is displayed.

    • In the tabular view, expand the category.