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Procedure documentationUpdating Classification Types


When you create a TBOM, a classification type is calculated for each of its objects. The calculation is based on the object type and the default classification rules in the system. You can also store your own rules (including user-specific rules) in the customizing table AGS_TBOM_CLASS.

Changing the classification rules does not automatically update the TBOMs. A TBOM may therefore have classification types that no longer correspond to the current classification rules.

For this reason, the system checks whether the classification types for the contained objects still correspond to the classification rules, each time you open the TBOM tab. If the rules have changed, the TBOM Reclassification icon is shown.

Note Note

Since the classification rules can be different for different users, the TBOM Reclassification icon may be visible for one user but not for another.

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  1. Open the attributes of the executable entity whose TBOM you wish to update.

  2. Choose the TBOM tab.

  3. Choose TBOM Reclassification.

    The icon is only visible if the classification rules that are relevant to your user parameter have changed.

    Re-classification takes place according to the classification rules for your user. After the reclassification, the overall status is set to Updated. If you re-classify a TBOM, all the subordinate TBOMs are updated.

    Th e TBOM contents tell you how often the classification types are in a TBOM.

More Information

For more information about TBOM contents, see Display TBOM Contents.