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 Load Object Lists


Before you can make a comparison between an application component (e.g. SAP MDM) and an SAP R/3, you must give the Customizing Scout the list of customizing objects to be synchronized in your system landscape. These object lists are delivered with some application components. If you download the object lists from the application component into the SAP Solution Manager system in which the Customizing Scout is running, it can access the object lists.

For further information about components for which piece lists are delivered, see Synchronization Object .


You have satisfied the prerequisites under Customizing Scout , in particular, you have created a system landscape. You also need the following authorizations to load object lists:

  • activity (ACTVT) 02 for authorization object s_cd_sync

  • the authorization fields sysdlvunit , project_id and scdtsysrol are not checked, so you only need authorization for a project, a system category (e.g. development system, production system) and an application component.

    Note Note

    The authorizations are also in the predefined roles in the SAP Solution Manager. You can also use the above authorizations.

    End of the note.


  1. To start the Customizing Scout, choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Customizing Next navigation step Distribution Next navigation step Customizing Scout End of the navigation path in the SAP menu, or enter the transaction scout .

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Object Lists. End of the navigation path

  3. Enter the logical system from which you want to download the object lists, in the following dialog box.

    If you have already downloaded an object list, you can set the Only New Objects flag and only new objects, which are not yet in your object lists, are downloaded.

  4. Choose Continue .


The system downloads the object list and displays an overview showing:

  • for which logical system object lists have been downloaded

  • how many objects were changed at the last download

  • how many objects were changed at the last download.