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Procedure documentationMixing eCATT and Third-Party Test Tool Steps in a Test Script


You can compose an end-to-end test configuration of steps which you have created in various test tools: eCATT, CBTA, or third-party test tools.

You typically define the sequence of the test script steps to be executed and then define the values of the parameters of the test script (steps). For more information, see Editing a Test Script on the Test Script Tab Page.


  1. To create a composite test configuration, you have the following options:

    • In the Test Management work center, in the Test Repository view, choose Create.

    • In the Business Blueprint of an SAP Solution Manager project, select a business process.

  2. In the Test Tool field, select Composite Test.

  3. Enter data as required.For more information, see Maintaining SAP Attributes on the Attributes Tab Page.