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 Template Translation


The project structure and the documents in a project are always displayed in the project language, which you specify when you create the project, and can only be changed in this language.

If you create a template in a project language in the company headquarters, and want to make it available in the subsidiary in another project language, translate it first in the company headquarters, and then deliver it to the subsidiary.

When you translate a template, the translation is not displayed in the source project. It is only displayed in the target project for which you have defined the target language as the project language. If a document is not available in the desired language, it is displayed in the original language.

Example Example

The company headquarters creates the source project in the project language English, and translates the templates in it into Japanese.

The Japanese subsidiary creates the target project in the project language Japanese. After the subsidiary has copied the templates into the target project, the templates and their documents are available in the target project in Japanese.

End of the example.

Translation Environment

Project Structure, Document Names

The project structure, document names, and names of URLs, files, and so on that you entered on the tab pages are translated in translation transaction SE63 .

You can also translate the project structure without document names and names of URLs in the Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01) Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Translation End of the navigation path .

Knowledge Warehouse Documents

Knowledge Warehouse documents are translated with the Knowledge Warehouse translation function (transaction SI80). The system stores all documents that were created in the source project on the General Documentation and Configuration tab pages in folder SOLAR00 of the Knowledge Warehouse in the project context. We recommend that you create a unique context for each project.

Project Structure Assignments

You do not have to translate the names of transactions, IMG objects, or programs that you have assigned to the project structure. These names and their translations are automatically copied from the managed systems when you deliver a template.


  • You have created a template.

  • You have set up the translation environment in the translation system.

    Note Note

    You translate in the system from which you export the collective request with the entire template. This can be a development system or a dedicated consolidation or translation system. All language entries are transported only in this collective request for the template.

    End of the note.

Process Flow

  1. Translate the project structure and document names:

    1. To translate the project structure only, select a structure item in the Business Blueprint (transaction SOLAR01) and choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Translation End of the navigation path .

    2. To translate the project structure and document, URL and file names:

      1. Assign the package or packages in the project to the translator in your translation system .

      2. Generate worklists for the packages in the project.

      3. Translators translate the packages that are assigned to them.

  2. The translator translates the Knowledge Warehouse documents in the project context in the folder SOLAR00.

  3. You release the template in the project administration and deliver it.

  4. Whenever you change the project structure and/or the documentation in a translated template, in the company headquarters, translate the changes in the company headquarters before delivering to the subsidiaries.

    Caution Caution

    If you have translated the template, you must translate every change that is subsequently made; otherwise, the changes are not visible in the project language of the subsidiaries.

    End of the caution.