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Procedure documentationRepeating the Last Execution for Recording Work Items


As a business process expert, you can use this procedure to repeat a TBOM recording work item. This is useful, for example, if you inadvertently selected an incorrect path in a transaction. When you execute a recording work item again, the system deletes the last TBOM enhancement recorded and replaces it with the new recording. If the TBOM previously contained enhancements, these are retained without changes.


  • You are specified as the business process expert in a TBOM recording work item.

  • You have already executed the recording work item and recorded a TBOM.


  1. Use the link that you received by e-mail to open your TBOM worklist.

  2. Select the TBOM recording work item that you want to execute again.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Execute Next navigation step Repeat Last Execution End of the navigation path.

  4. Perform the required steps in the managed system.

  5. End the executable entities in SAP GUI by choosing the End icon. Close the application browser window of Web applications.

    While you are recording the TBOM, the execution status for the recording work item switches to In Execution.

    Once you have successfully completed the TBOM recording, the status changes to Executed.