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Procedure documentationActivating a Guided Procedure and Editing Attributes


Activate a guided procedure to transport it to your production system so that users can execute it.

Activating a GP means changing the branch of its transport request. When you create a GP, it is put into a local transport request. Choosing Activate moves the GP transport request from Local to Modifiable transport branch. The route of the transport depends on the package.


  • You have tested the guided procedure.

  • To activate a guided procedure which reuses an existing one, you have released the transport request containing the reused guided procedure.


  1. To enable users to perform the guided procedure, ensure the following:

    • The users have authorization for the work center.

    • You have assigned the role SAP_SM_GP_EXE to the users.

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  2. In the Guided Procedure Maintenance view, choose the Properties pushbutton.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Guided Procedure For Production System check box.

    If you specified that the GP is for a production system, it is put into the workbench branch of the route you specified (the package’s route). Otherwise, a transport of copies is created instead of a workbench request. You can then import it into a target system.

  4. Change the attributes of the guided procedure in the following ways:

    • Application Area Search Fields: Assign search attributes which allow filtering.

    • General Attributes: Define guided procedure attributes. Depending on the work center, you can, for example, assign a person responsible (default processor), or define how often the guided procedure is to be performed.

  5. Choose OK to confirm.

  6. Choose Activate.

    If you have documents from other package transport routes, a popup informs you that they are not included in the GP transport request unless you copy them into your document package.

    If you have selected $TMP as documentation package, no documents are put in the GP transport request.

  7. In the SAP Workbench Organizer (transaction SE09), release the transport request.

    You cannot edit the GP (by creating a new version) until you release the transport request.