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Procedure documentationAssigning a Dedicated User and Password to All Agents


To minimize the administration effort during the setup of SAP Solution Manager, a dedicated diagnostics administration user is created by default. Passwords can thus be changed simultaneously for all agents. This is useful if, for example, the security regulations of your company require passwords to be changed regularly.

Nevertheless, it can happen that during the installation of managed systems agents are assigned to different users, not to the diagnostics administration user. This can cause connection failures, due, for example, to expired passwords.

With the Agent Administration, you can assign a dedicated user and password to all agents.


You have started the Agent Administration. For more information, see Starting the Agent Administration.


  1. On the Agents tab page, make sure that all agents are connected.

  2. On the Agent Credentials tab page, in the New agent communication user assignment screen area, enter the user and the password, which is to be assigned to all agents.

  3. Choose Update All Agents with Basic Authentication.


The user and password are assigned to all agents.