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Procedure documentationCreating a Custom Report


You can save report parameters as custom reports to make it easier to validate the configuration of your systems on a regular basis. In addition, you can schedule saved reports to be executed regularly, allowing you to track and analyze compliance trends over time.


To compare the configuration of your systems with a user-defined target configuration, create a target system. For more information, see Creating a Target System.

To report on several systems at once, create a comparison list. For more information, see Creating a Comparison List.


  1. In the Root Cause Analysis work center, choose Configuration Validation.

  2. On the Report Execution tab, choose Report Directory.

  3. Choose Create New.

    The report parameters are displayed below the report directory.

  4. At a minimum, you must enter a name for your report and select a reporting template.

  5. Enter a group name to assign your report to an existing group or create a new one.

    The group determines how your report is categorized in the directory.

  6. Optionally, you can save the following in your report:

    • Reference system and specific configuration stores to check

    • Comparison system or list

    • Other report settings, including a date range for transports, startup options, and filter values for compliance

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    You can edit these parameters when you execute the report.

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  7. Save your entries.


Your report is saved in the report directory.

Note Note

If you specified a valid reference system and comparison system in the report, you can schedule the report to be executed regularly (daily or weekly) for trend analysis. Trend analysis allows you to track compliance trends over time.

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