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Procedure documentationCreating an Analysis


You want to create a new or an optimized analysis. You set the following attributes when you create an analysis:

  • The analysis project for which you are creating the analysis

  • The analysis name

  • The analysis start time

  • The systems

  • Timeline

  • General settings


  • You have called the Solution Documentation Assistant.

  • You have an analysis project for which you want to create the analysis.

  • Analyses that check function modules (RFC) ensure that the current SAP Support Package for software component ST-PI is installed in the managed systems.

  • For analyses that check transactions and function modules (RFC), the workload statistics are drawn from the possible sources in the following order:

    1. BI InfoProvider

    2. SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA)

    3. Managed System (via RFC)

    For the data to be read from the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, you have ensured the following:

    • An RFC connection between the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and the SAP Solution Manager system.

    • The BI objects are installed and active.

    • Data for at least one closed month is available.

  • Analyses of applications covered by E2E Diagnostics, e.g. Java Web Dynpro applications and components, Java Web Services, Servlets and iViews, ensure the following:

    • The SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, which contains E2E Diagnostics data, is correctly configured.

    • The SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse contains InfoCube 0SMD_PE2D.

    • The InfoCube 0SMD_PE2D has been filled with data for the systems to be analyzed, regularly, for at least the last complete month.


  1. Under Common Tasks choose Create Analysis.

    You can also create an analysis for a specific analysis project in Analysis Project Overview:

    • Choose Analysis Project.

    • Select the analysis project for which you want to create an analysis in the Analysis Project area.

    • In the Analyses for Analysis Project '<name of analysis project>' area, choose Create.

  2. The Create Analysis guided procedure is displayed, to help you create the analysis.

  3. Enter data as required. For more information about the steps, see

  4. Choose Continue to call the next step.


  • The analysis is created.

  • The summary displays the name of the analysis, the planned start time, the selected systems, and the time periods of the analysis are displayed.