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  Define and Export ID Mapping


Define ID mapping
  1. Choose ID Mapping Definition .

    The system displays an overview of all existing integration servers and their type groups.

  2. Choose a type group at the left-hand side of the screen.

    The Customizing ID Mapping Framework checks the ID types and systems of the type group. It checks in particular, whether the systems can be reached by RFC and whether the customizing objects, on which the ID types are based, exist. If errors are found, a log is displayed.

  3. If a log of the checks is displayed, go back.

  4. You can switch from display to edit mode.

  5. Choose a customizing ID type at the right-hand side of the screen and choose Display IDs from System .

  6. When you have selected the first customizing ID type, choose all IDs and copy them into the ID mappings list by Drag & Drop.

  7. Repeat for all the other customizing ID types:

    • Choose IDs and assign them to the existing IDs in the list by Drag & Drop.

    • Put equivalent IDs in the same row, each row represents an ID mapping .

      Note Note

      When you define ID mapping for harmonized or partially harmonized systems, you can display identical IDs with Select Identical IDs and assign them automatically with Start of the navigation path Assign IDs Next navigation step Assign Identical IDs End of the navigation path .

      All customizing ID types have a status between New and Deleted . The F1 help explains the meaning of the status values.

      End of the note.
  8. To assign IDs from customizing objects from non-ABAP systems, choose Create Value Set Manually , und assign the manually-created IDs.

  9. Save your entries.

Export ID Mapping
  1. Choose a type group.

  2. Choose Export to Integration Server .

  3. Choose whether you want to export in dialog or in the background, in the following dialog box.

  4. If you export in the background, enter the required data in the following dialog boxes.

    The system exports the selected type groups to the integration server. The processing status changes to Completed .


The ID mappings are in the integration server and can be used there to convert messages.