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Procedure documentationSwitching a Maintenance Cycle


When a maintenance cycle ends, you can close it and start a new one, by passing the Deploy to Scope Q-Gate.


  • A planned maintenance cycle exists.

  • You must have passed all the Q-Gates of the active maintenance cycle before the Deploy to Scope Q-Gate.


To switch a maintenance cycle, proceed as follows:

  1. Select your QGM project, choose the Changes tab and set the status of a change.

  2. Select your QGM project and choose the Quality Gates tab.

  3. Select the Deploy to Scope Q-Gate. The Q-Gate needs to be approved by the Quality Manager and the Quality Advisory Board, before the overall status is set to “Passed”. After the Q-Gate has been passed by both, choose OK

  4. In the Open Issues dialog box that appears, chooseContinue.

  5. Set the overall status to Passed, and choose OK.

    Note Note

    The dialog box warns you about:

    • Open changes

    • Open transport requests

    • Transport requests which have not been imported to production systems

    They will be moved to the new maintenance cycle.

    For a project that is enabled for Change Request Management and QGM, this dialog box will not appear, because all transport requests are managed within Change Request Management.

    End of the note.


The Deploy to Scope Q-Gate has been passed and your project has been switched to the next maintenance cycle.